Top 5 reasons why we love Thanda Island

Thanda island is a small island found in the warm waters of the Indian ocean off Tanzania. This small island is so small you would need to run around the island 5 times to complete your morning 5km run. There are no roads for cars or bicycles only white sandy beaches and lush green grass under your feet. A 30 minute chartered plane from Dar es Salaam and a boat trip will transport you to paradise. This private island is available for rent for $33,300 per day and can fulfill the ultimate island dream of 10 friends or family members (additional space available at additional cost- up to 18 people total).

Here are our top 5 reasons to visit this incredible piece of paradise.

  1. Culinary delights under the sun!

Whether your taste is fine dining or a humble mac n cheese, the staff and chef at Thanda island will make whatever your heart and taste buds desire. The chef can brew you healthy kombucha to sip on next to the pool or treat you to light and soft macaroons with your afternoon tea. Their seafood platters are out of this world with fish, prawns and crayfish coming right out of the ocean. The staff at Thanda Island will serve their tasty food wherever you wish to enjoy it – under the covered verandah, on the beach under a traditional bedouin tent or nestled under the palm trees in the fresh air, or even set up a surprise picnic on a nearby sandbank.

  1.       Cultural adventures!

As wonderful as Thanda Island is you may wish to explore the neighbouring islands. Travel by boat to Mafia island to explore its rich wonders. The Mafia Archipelago hosts antiquities dating back to the Eleventh Century, including ruins at Kisimani Mafia, Kanga, Kua on Juani Island and Chole Island. These include a beautiful, barrel-vaulted mosque of the Fifteenth Century and a number of well-preserved buildings of the latter half of the Eighteenth Century, providing great interest for the methods of construction and the ancient architecture. Mafia island boasts a variety of flora and fauna including mangrove thickets, baobabs and the picturesque Chunguruma forest. You may also find small hippos, flying foxes and bush babies.

  1. Your new BFF on the island is a Marine Biologist!

What is better than going on a snorkelling trip with your very own resident marine biologist? Dive into this untouched marine universe with a new found knowledge about the incredible conservation efforts initiated by Thanda Island to protect sea turtles, dugongs, dolphins, whale sharks, and coral reefs. Tick off a few more items on your bucket list, and go swimming with the whale shark – the largest fish in the world. Whale sharks can grow up to 40 feet (12 meters) long, about the size of a school bus, but due to their gentle nature you can actually swim alongside them – a privilege only granted to a few every year. Whale sharks are highly endangered.

  1. For the busy bees…

This remote little island has a multitude of activities to keep you enthralled during your stay. Some of these include (but are not limited to) a vast array of water sports such as SUP, kayaking, jet skiing snorkeling and diving. Put your kikoy on, step on Thanda’s James Bond style wooden yacht and you will be whisked away to your snorkelling destination which will most likely end with a surprise picnic on a sand bank. If that’s too relaxing, yoga, tennis, and a full gym are also available on the island or go on a Thanda Island Egret Walk with General Manager Oscar!

  1. Copper bath anyone?

This private island has every amenity you could wish for, from the infinity glass rim-flow pool, the 4 poster beds, the huge indoor aquarium, exquisite decor and staff that will look after your every need. And if that’s not enough , let the Thanda staff spoil you with a copper bath experience right on the beach, complete with fluffy bubbles and champagne in what resembles a movie set of calming waves crashing onto the powder white sand and a fiery sunset in the background. Indulge in the aromas of the Healing Earth products while enjoying the unobstructed views of….paradise!