Top 11 things to do in Botswana

  1. Botswana is blessed with some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth.
    Visit the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, and Chobe National Park as well as the Makgadikgadi salt pans to name a few where you will experience luxury and adventure while on safari. Botswana is known to be the premier safari destination where one can witness the incredible array of animals walking the grasslands by the hundreds. With nearly 40% of Botswana’s land reserved as unfenced national parks and game reserves that are teeming with abundant wildlife and wetlands, it’s no surprise that safari activities are at the top of every vacationer’s “must-do” list.
    Top 11 things to do in Botswana Top 11 things to do in Botswana
  2.  Get a birds-eye view of these natural wonders by bush planes, hot air balloon or helicopter.
    Experience the magic bushveld and the salt pans from the sky by flying in a small plane, hot air balloon or helicopter. This is the best time to snap some beautiful photographs of the expansive untamed wilderness teeming with abundant species of animals while being sky high.
    Top 11 things to do in Botswana
  3. Mokoro Rides in the flooded Okavango from June to October.
    Float along on a mokoro, a traditional Okavango Delta canoe, expertly guided by a local guide who stands in the stern of the boat steering and propelling it with a long pole. They offer an unforgettable perspective of witnessing wildlife from water level in a luxurious and relaxing manner.
     Top 11 things to do in Botswana
  4. Outdoor Bush Baths at some of the lodges…and a glass of bubbly!
    Relax at the end of your day in a luxurious bubble bath set privately outdoors. Take some time to unwind with a glass of bubbly and a view of the expansive untamed wilderness.
    Top 11 things to do in Botswana
  5. Quad biking in the Salt Pans.
    Tap into your adventurous side and explore the Makgadikgadi salt pans on a quad bike. Explore the miles and miles of endless space by taking an exhilarating quad bike ride through the salt pans seeing the incredible expanse of unending dry and salty white clay.
    Top 11 things to do in Botswana
  6. Horseback riding through the flooded Delta.
    Cantering alongside the elegant motion of a giraffe is an experience you will never forget and the only sounds you will hear, as the wind sighs through the grass and rattles the palms, are the fisheagle’s haunting cry, the splash of a disappearing crocodile and the far away drumming of hooves. Experience witnessing wildlife by horseback.
    Top 11 things to do in Botswana
  7. Some of the best sunset on the planet.
    At the end of the day, you will witness a natural phenomenon that will take your breath away. While enjoying your favourite drink – relax and unwind while watching the sun slip below the horizon in an explosion of colour and magnificence. The sunsets witnessed in Botswana are incredibly beautiful and make every closure of the day a magical one.
    Top 11 things to do in Botswana
  8. Some of the Most Luxurious Tented Camps in Africa are in Botswana….glamping.
    No longer is camping for the boy scouts. Experience luxury on another level by staying in 5-star tented camps offering every wish your heart could desire while being catered for in style. These luxurious tents allow for a once in a lifetime stay by getting closer to nature without compromising on comfort and luxury.
    Top 11 things to do in Botswana
  9. Elephant experience at Stanley’s Camp.
    An American man and his wife took on three orphaned elephants who would have died on their own in the wild.  They now live with the elephants full time and allow guests to spend a few hours up close with some of the first trained African elephants.  Following your encounter with the elephants, you eat lunch with Doug, Sandi and their three elephants just behind.  Truly a unique animal encounter, even in the bush in Africa. Top 11 things to do in Botswana
  10. Experience a day in the life of the with the Bushmen of the Western Kalahari.
    This is the land of the Bushmen, those ancient nomads who have lived since the stone age in the extreme conditions of the Kalahari, leaving little trace of their habitation beyond poignant etchings in stone. Take a guided tour to learn more about the culture and life of the bushmen.
    Top 11 things to do in Botswana
  11. Sleep in the clouds while admiring the natural beauty below.
    Looking for a truly unique way to spend some time in the bush? Look no further than Skybeds, located deep within the Khwai Private Reserve.
    As the name suggests, these are no ordinary safari accommodations. Each “room” is actually a three-story raised platform overlooking the wildlife-rich 200,000-hectare reserve. Charmingly rustic, yet suitably stylish, each Skybed is illuminated by lanterns at night, providing loads of romantic ambiance.
    Top 11 things to do in Botswana Top 11 things to do in Botswana


Get Inspired by this VIMEO shot by Travel Photographer Ana Cissa Pinto during one of Daniela’s Trips to Botswana with legendary guide Ralph Bousfield: