Top 5 Reasons to visit Principe Island

When I got to the check-in counter for TAAG at Cape Town Airport and the agent had me repeat the name of my final destination three times before he could find it on his computer, I knew this was going be the ultimate journey to a “Lost World”. Nothing would prepare me for the feeling of calm and happiness I felt once I was able to catch my breath upon landing on Principe Island, a green dot in the middle of the equatorial Atlantic, 250 Kms from the coast of Equatorial Guinea, bisected by the equator. Principe is mostly a UNESCO BIOSPHERE RESERVE and with that comes a huge commitment to developing the island’s tourism in a sustainable and responsible way as well as protecting its incredible biodiversity. Principe is also the home of Sundy PraiaRoca Sundy and Bom Bom Island three small hotels welcoming guests into a world of tranquility, crashing waves, birds singing, hidden waterfalls, volcanic peaks, great food and untouched beaches.

TOP 5 reasons to visit PRINCIPE ISLAND:

1. Lost World: the Caribbean meet Amazon Jungle with the West African feel and a European flair. The island has a Caribbean feel minus the cruise liners, the casinos, and the tourists. This is a high level of sensory experience!

2. Marine playground: Whales breaching, turtle nesting, wreck diving, snorkeling, SUP, fisherman village visits. A perfect balance of water and earth experience!

3. Culinary discovery: Cocoa experiences, pineapple harvesting with Senor Pimpa, Coffee plantation tours, learn to use aromatic herbs and medicinal plants. A delight for all senses!

4. Make a difference: opportunity to get involved in the many hands-on projects supported by the Principe Trust and HBD, from making your own artwork, to bead making, to cooking workshops. Engage with local women who have hugely impacted the local recycling efforts and have literally turned trash into treasure.

5. Active Wellness: Walk the many trails around the island through ruins, plantations, waterfalls and ancient jungle. You will be accompanied by monkeys and native birds, hike through volcanic rock formations and trees that would fulfill any botanist wildest dream. And when you are done….the sea is only steps away. Indulge in a world of fragrant orchids, crashing waves and nature at its best!

If whales, turtles, palm-fringed beaches, coffee plantations, raw cacao, fresh fish, volcanic peaks are on your mood board right now…topped by world-class accommodation and service, please contact me at