Gorillas in the Mist

If all the wild explorations in the world, one of the most beguiling is coming face to face with these benevolent beasts in the mist shroud forests they call home, this being my most recent adventure.

Imperiled by an approximated 880 remaining on the globe, these shy vegetarians command a world-wide following, which can only be witnessed in Uganda and Rwanda – the latter being my springboard for sightings. Not forgetting their relatives, the Western Lowland Gorillas who can be found in the Republic of the Congo (not the DRC).

A tiny, landlocked and densely populated country previously tainted by terror, Rwanda has since been transformed into a land marked by luminous green hills, shimmering lakes, a flourishing capital city, gorillas’ of the gentlest kind and unmatched emotional encounters.

Contrary to ideals, gorilla trekking is not a back-country self-tour, rather a carefully regulated opportunity to immerse oneself in the habitat of these charismatic creatures while contributing to their conservation.

Common sense tells you this isn’t a trip for breaking in brand new hiking boots, and because we’ve been on the D-side we’ve got all the first-hand guidelines.

And whichever location you prefer, all three countries integrate well with favored safari destinations such as Kenya and Tanzania.

Look forward to sharing more with you.

Yours in African Travel