Daniela is the founder and owner of D-Side Travel.

Daniela’s love for all things travel is evident in everything she does. She is the epitome of travel and food enthusiasts and is aptly described as a lifelong traveler with many miles clocked to date!

She is a hotel addict as well as a mother and wife (to a hotelier) which makes for a great combination when it comes to “opinions” on hotels and family destinations! “I travel with my daughter all over the world and have a deep understanding of the meaning ‘child-friendly’!” comments Daniela with her 7-year-old Vesper at her side.

Daniela was born and raised in Sicily and has an enthusiastic Italian flair in all she achieves. She also spent 21 years living in New York before moving to South Africa in 2008. Cape Town is now her base and is where she wants to be, but her suitcase is always packed and ready for the next adventure!

Daniela’s European upbringing, combined with her time living in the States ensures that she can now offer an intrinsic understanding of both European and American markets and the needs that emanate in terms of travel from these two focus countries. Daniela’s love for this industry was sparked by and began with her early travels to Southeast Asia in the late 90’s, culminating with her very first trip to South Africa and Botswana in 2003. After that, there was no turning back…

From her office in Cape Town (with a branch in Georgia) she specializes in bespoke experiences for families, honeymooners, empty nesters and adventure travelers to mention a few. Food is an obsession and one of the biggest pleasures in her life, no trip is complete without a range of exciting culinary experiences in Daniela’s opinion.

Daniela is articulate, perceptive, highly detailed and can anticipate the requests of the most well-heeled travelers. She’s edgy at times with a flair for creativity. You can expect journeys planned by Daniela to be always exciting and a bit…..on the D-side!

Contact Daniela on daniela@d-sidetravel.com


Shand McGlashan is a seasoned travel and hospitality executive with deep rooted experience in all aspects of hotel & restaurant operations and accounting. A graduate of Napier University in Scotland with a Degree in Hospitality & Institutional Management, Shand has worked extensively in East Africa, Scotland, South Africa and the USA where she now resides. Having previously managed all team travel for the large Kennesaw University Athletic and Sports Departments, she consults as the Financial Controller for several hospitality companies and works as a Financial Director at D-Side Travel.



Francesca caught the travel bug as a teenager after a family trip to Greece. This inspired her to study and embark on a career in travel.

This career has spanned over 20 years and included extensive travel in over 20 countries. Francesca lived and worked in London for 11 years before returning to her Happy Place – Cape Town- where she lives with her husband and 2 kids! When not busy assisting D-Side Travel clients, you can find her walking on Fish Hoek Beach for hours.

Contact Francesca on sales@d-sidetravel.com